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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Aviation Writing

     How has Avaition changed over the years:Past to Present

Why did people want to fly?

Years ago people were fascinated by the idea of flying.Most people will get famous like the wright brothers are.When people run off from a hill and glide,they probably feel like they are being a bird .Most  people get rich by flying and they make history.

How did people try to fly in the past?
In the past they didn't know such things as engines or metal or how to use those things. But they figured out how to use propellers ,paper,wood, and fabric ,and they ran off an elevated surface which isn't really flying but in the past they thought it was flying.

How did people fly in the in the present?
In the present people started to be able to make engines . But they still use propellers to move forward.Most planes are made out of metal but places like the Air Force Museum they still have planes made out of fabric,wood and paper.

Why did planes change?
Because people got smarter and people finally figured out a way to make engines ,and there's no war.

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